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Show Events

Each show consists of several diffierent lumberjack events, as detailed below.

Event Description

Full Show Mountain Show Women of Wood
Chainsaw Carving Chainsaw Carving
Using their reliable Husqvarna chainsaws, you will be amazed at what our lumberjacks can carve from a standing log in under two minutes!
Yes Yes Yes
Standing Block Chop Standing Block Chop
Also known as the standing hard hit. This event is a test of the lumberjack’s strength and accuracy. A lumberjack from each team uses his racing axe to chop a standing log in the least amount of hits. The lumberjacks need the crowd’s help to count how many swings each lumberjack takes as they alternate turns chopping through their respective logs.
Yes Yes Optional
Axe Throwing Axe Throwing
A lumberjack from each team will stand 20 feet from the target and throw a double bitted axe at the target. The Bull’s eye counts as 5 points, then 4, 3, 2 and 1. The lumberjack with highest score in three throws wins. Lots of crowd cheering involved!
Yes Yes Yes
Tree Climbing Tree Climbing
The tree climbing is always a crowd favorite. Watch as two climbers race up the climbing trees to a height of 40 feet and back down again. Watch closely, it happens fast.
Yes Optional Optional
Underhand Chop Underhand Chop
A lumberjack from each team stands on top of a horizontal log and chops between his feet using a razor sharp racing axe. Once he reaches the halfway point he turns around and chops through the back side of the log. The lumberjack whose log is cut in half first wins!
Optional Optional Optional
Jack and Jill Cross-Cut Race Jack 'n Jill Cross-Cut
A lady from each side of the crowd is chosen to participate. Using the same cross-cut saw that the lumberjacks use, the ladies will saw through the log along with their lumberjack partners. The winner will receive a special prize and of course, the loser will not go away empty handed either.
Yes Yes Yes
Hot Saw Race Hot Saw Race
Using a modified, specially tuned and piped Husqvarna power saw, this event is loud and fast! The hot saw will be matched against a stock Husqvarna power saw to cut through a horizontal log. To even the race out, the hot saw makes two cuts and the stock saw only one! Pick a winner...
Yes Yes Yes
Springboard Chop Springboard Chop
This is one of the most exciting and dangerous events in the show. A lumberjack from each team will use his axe to make a notch into a standing tree butt. He will then place a wooden springboard (originally used in the mid-1800’s) into the notch, climb on the board and then chop a second notch. A second springboard goes into the second notch and the lumberjack, now being almost ten feet off the ground, will chop the block off the top. Speed and accuracy are essential when on the springboard!
Yes Yes No
Cross-Cut Sawing Race Cross-Cut Sawing Race
Two lumberjacks from each team will compete against each other with an old fashioned two-man cross-cut saw to make their way through a horizontal log. This event is a test of the lumberjack’s speed, strength and teamwork.
Yes Yes Yes
Cross-Cut vs. Chainsaw Race Cross-Cut vs. Chainsaw
The winning team in the cross-cut sawing will give the losers another chance, this time using any saw the losers have. The losers choose a Husqvarna chainsaw to make their cut!! Which is faster, the modern chainsaw or the traditional cross-cut saw? Watch closely to find out?
Yes Yes Yes
Log Rolling Log Rolling
Log rolling is typically a highlight of the show. A lumberjack from each team will stand on top of a floating red cedar log and attempt to roll the other off. Watch for fast foot work and lots of water flying. The best of three falls wins.
Yes Optional Yes
We have had the pleasure of working with Darren & his crew many times in the past and look forward to their return very soon.
- Pamela Brenner
After a detailed survey we discovered your show was the #1 attraction at CVEX in 2010.
- Keith Currie
The West Coast Lumberjack Show is amazing! They put on a great show and are very talented individuals. If you need entertainment for your event, this is the group to hire.
- Sandra Hinz, Calgary, AB